The Web Portal for IBM Workload Scheduler

IWS/WebAdmin is an easy-to-use browser-based product which interfaces with IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS). Simplify the administration and reporting of IWS so you can maximize the return on your scheduling investments. Spend less time searching for information since previously inaccessible data will now be available. Gain total control of IWS.


  • View and modify jobs, job streams, workstations, domains, prompts, resources, and file dependencies in the Current Plan (Symphony Data). Links make navigation fast and intuitive. Performance is responsive.
  • View previous production days with the History function, and view future dates with the Forecast function.
  • Create and save multiple filter settings. Filters are centrally managed, so you can define a set of custom filters and all users can access them.
  • View IWS audit logs in an easy-to-read table.
  • Create “Job Notes.” Attach contact information, recovery instructions, or additional details to jobs. These can easily be recalled later. Include clickable links to external web pages in your job notes.
  • Create detailed reports with the advanced reporting capabilities: Job History Report, Job Status pie chart, Job Detail Report with Execution Time history graph, IWS Activity graph, Production Planning Report, IWS Object Reports, and Cross-Reference Reports.
  • Customize the pre-defined reports, or create your own. Use standard SQL syntax to query IWS object definitions and history data. Save report definitions and store generated reports to quickly distribute via email.
  • View events generated by IWS, such as job Abends, and configure email alerts for specific events based on the object name.
  • Composer functionality (IWS database: add, modify, delete workstations, job streams, jobs, calendars, prompts, resources, parameters).
  • IWS Health Check: Show problems in the IWS database – unused jobs, non-existent recovery jobs, etc.
  • Critical Jobs Report for the current plan.
  • Late / Long running job alarms
  • Version 3.0 and higher run with IWS 8.3 and higher. This version provides a new look and “feel”. For users of “older” IWS versions, there’s still TWS/WebAdmin 2.1.


Use this tool to gain insights into your whole scheduling environment.

For more information on IBM’s Workload Management tools, please visit the Workload Scheduler pages on IBM’s site.

Current distributed Version: 4.2

4.1 End of Support: December 2022

4.2 End of Support: December 2023

Current z/OS Version: 4.1

4.0 End of Support: December 2021


Product Overview ds
Product Overview z/OS
ASAP 2018

Documentation and Technical Information

IWS/WebAdmin for Distributed >>

IWS/WebAdmin for z/OS >>

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