ASAP University 2024 dates have been announced

May 19 – 22, 2024

Embassy Suites Miami International Airport

3974 NW South River Drive

Miami, FL 33142

(Complementary shuttle bus to/from airport)

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What is ASAP University?

ASAP’s mission, is to provide a world class organization that promotes knowledge, idea sharing, and creates an atmosphere where our membership can leverage learned best-of-breed practices to better manage their enterprise automation systems.

ASAP – IBM Workload Automation Education & Training is an independent entity established for businesses holding an IBM Workload Scheduler or Workload Scheduler for z/OS license to share ideas on Workload Scheduler or Workload Scheduler for z/OS installation, applications and problem solving discoveries.

ASAP – Workload Automation Education & Training is a volunteer, user supported, not-for-profit organization which is managed by a volunteer board of directors (representatives of member companies) and administered by MeetingWorks. User and vendor sessions are presented at the conference through the generous donation of time, resource and talent of the IBM Workload Automation user community and their respective organizations.

Formerly established as a membership organization in 1992, ASAP – Workload Automation Education & Training has a two-fold purpose:

  1. To exchange and disseminate information relative to IBM Workload Scheduler and IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS, global systems management and the IBM suite of automation products
  2. To influence the direction, design and enhancement of the IBM Workload Scheduler and IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS product through a formal requirements process

To accomplish its purpose ASAP – Workload Automation Education & Training

  • Publishes a quarterly newsletter,
  • Executes a formal product requirements process,
  • Holds an annual technical and informational user conference.

Members derive the great benefits through the formal and informal exchanges of information about IBM Workload Scheduler and IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS implementation and management experience at the annual ASAP University. Since each installation is unique, the conferences focus on common interests and opportunities in the areas of training, education, application, conversion, recovery, scheduling and management. Informal discussions of the various solutions provide members insight as to how these problems / opportunities might be approached and overcome. The members share those extremely important approaches which have led to the successful solution of problems.

Benefits of joining the ASAP group.

ASAP University is a four-day intensive conference designed by users, for users. Technical courses and open forums are taught by expert Workload Automation users, IBM / HCL technical experts from Level 2 Support, the Rome lab development team, IBM/ HCL migration specialists and business partners such as SEGUS Inc.  This conference will allow staff to gain new knowledge, tips and guidance on different products from experienced industry professionals.  Through user and vendor-led sessions, this conference is designed to reduce the chance of errors and help save time and money.

ASAP University’s 35-year history as an independent user group along with IBM’s and HCL’s steadfast support and involvement is a testament to its success in achieving its primary objectives:

  • To exchange and disseminate information relative to Workload Automation, Workload Automation for z/OS, and related automation products;
  • To influence the direction of Workload Automation suite of products including product design and enhancements.

Attendance at ASAP University Conference 2023 will enable companies to streamline their business processes and learn the latest trends and directions for the product from the director of the Rome lab – a great futures value. The content includes upgrade/ migration to the latest releases for distributed, mainframe and enterprise environments; security and auditing; self-service scheduling; future releases; hands-on labs and IBM Workload Scheduler and IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS certification. ASAP University provides an unparalleled opportunity for up-close and personal networking opportunities with industry peers, L2 support, migration specialists and the development team from the Rome lab, for both Workload Scheduler (Distributed) and Workload Scheduler z/OS. It’s a unique opportunity for companies to gain first-hand insights on product suites.

The tuition for ASAP University Conference 2023 is $1900. Tuition includes daily continental breakfast, lunch and breaks throughout the day along with a welcome reception, awards reception and sponsored events. The exposure to key development executives and product managers along with the Workload Automation and Workload Automation for -z/OS technical gurus and experienced users makes ASAP University a bargain at less than half the price of other training programs.

ASAP University has been rated year after year as, “the best Workload scheduler educational training seminar worldwide, the best valued user experience and the best organized and run training.”  ASAP University Conference 2023 presents an invaluable opportunity for companies to learn how to successfully anticipate, plan, manage and support the necessary changes to their workload automation environment from the very best.  A good, solid, short and long-term return on this investment is a sure thing!

Other News

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