Audit Control for IWS z/OS

IWS/Audit™ is a reliable, trusted product for IWS z/OS administrators. It tracks and captures all changes made to the IWS (IBM Workload Scheduler) definition databases. Easy to install and use, IWS/Audit is extremely useful for analysis and reporting

Key Features

  • Easily detect modifications, insertions, and deletions.
  • Rollback to a previous revision level – even if the object was deleted.
  • Compare older versions of the database to the current definitions and find errors faster.
  • Confidently make extensive changes knowing that recovery is always possible. (This is especially useful for test environments!)
  • Archive data for a disaster recovery audit trail.
  • Document changes to the system for quality assurance purposes.

In summary: Any authorized user can safely make changes to the definition databases because errors are quickly fixed. It’s easy to see who did what and when. Consequently, an additional security layer is added.

For more information on IBM’s Workload Management tools please visit the Workload Scheduler pages on IBM’s site.

Current Version: 7.7

7.6 End of Support – December 2022




The Change Control System for IWS z/OS

ASAP 2018

Technical Updates

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