The Automated Handover Process Manager for JCL & IBM Workload Scheduler

ProcMan is an automated handover system for z/OS and distributed data centers.

New or modified batch objects need to be transferred to Production systems on a regular basis. These objects include JCL, procedures, parmlib (or control card members) and scheduling objects (e.g. IWS), etc.

Each organization has its own rules and standards for these “handover” objects, and statutory provisions may require complete traceability and auditing as these objects are migrated to Production.

During the migration, objects may be modified further, verified, and adapted for the requirements of each target system, making it difficult for all involved to know exactly what’s going on.

The technical environments involved can be extremely diverse, and can range from simple “Test to Production” systems on a single CPU to highly-complex environments with separate infrastructures.

Modular, Secure System

ProcMan is designed to be a modular system—highly adaptable to any system architecture—and works well in any environment. The IWS and JCL objects are versioned and archived in a database. This allows for robust cross-referencing, complete reporting, and even a secure “recall” feature in case of errors.

ProcMan provides full change control for scheduling.

How Does It Work?

With ProcMan you can request, create, modify and delete the following objects:

  • JCL (Jobs and Procedures)
  • Parmlib members (SYSIN)
  • Scheduler definitions (IWS database)
  • “Ad-hoc” request to IWS Current Plan
  • File definitions (PS, VSAM, GDG)
  • Custom forms for handover of “other” systems, (e.g. CA-7, Automic, Control-M, DB2, etc.)
ProcMan System Architecture

The product design is highly adaptable to any z/OS environment:

  • JCL syntax checker is built-in
  • A Web-based portal to all functions
  • Flexible and adaptable scripting
  • Open data model using IBM DB2 for z/OS

ProcMan also works in distributed environments:

  • Eases the administration of IWSd objects.
  • Capture all changes and updating for easy archiving.
  • Versioning capable.
  • Oracle database.

Current Versions: 5.0, 4.0


Product Description

Technical Updates

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